The Kazak Guardians
Book III: Lynn's Rules
by C. R. Daems

      If the Kazak Guardians had a recruiting poster, it would have read: WANTED: A select few insane men to fight professional assassins with super-human abilities. Good medical plan provided.

      Surviving the training program was dangerous—even the first challenge to gain entrance to the school could get you killed. But training was the easy part. Staying alive afterward was the hard part. Kazaks guarded individuals whose lives were deemed critical to the security of the United States. As such, Kazaks attracted fanatics and the best professional assassins money could buy--Liars who could tell lies you believed, Ghosts who could become nearly invisible, and Illusionists who could appear to be anyone.

      She survived years of training and five deadly challenges to become a Kazak Guardian and entered a world of extremists and assassins, where each assignment became a deadly contest between Kazak and assassin, with the prize the life of the VIP.

      In spite of the danger, she enjoyed every assignment with its interesting people, new environments, challenges, and best of all the occasional opportunity to pretend to be someone other than a Kazak--a tiger in tabby garb.

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