Laughing Hounds
by C. R. Daems

      After what were thought to be dogs kill her mother and attack her, Annette discovers she has become the last female descendant of a line of women who, for over a century, fought and died fighting Countess Lenuta, her sons, and their packs of Werehyenas. Annette learns she has inherited her ancestors unique ability to make Tone-wood sing; Tone-wood is the only weapon that can kill the Werehyenas. As such, she represents the last threat to their existence.

      With only Annette remaining, Countess Lenuta and her sons see an opportunity to kill the last of their century-old adversaries. Their first attempt fails, and Annette must choose to hide for the rest of her life or accept the legacy of her ancestors–to stop the Werehyenas. She chooses to fight.

      With the help of ex-Green Berets her father hires to protect her, the battle soon escalates into a series of attacks and counter attacks that become fiercer as the tactics of each side evolve. The winner will be the last one standing.

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