The Riss Challenge
Book V

by C. R. Daems

      The combined forces of the Sadr Alliance of Stars (SAS), United Free Nations (UFN), and Jahaba Peoples Union (JPU) with help from the Riss have defeated the galaxy-traveling aliens. In the process, a friendly alliance has evolved between the SAS, UFN, and the Riss nations, and the SAS has agreed Freeland belongs to the Riss nation and is not in SAS space.
      As a result, the Riss now have their own navy, mutual support agreements with the SAS and the UFN, a planet, and are free to explore the stars. Consequently, Nadya feels it's time that a new Leader be appointed—a Riss—to set the future for the Riss nation.
      But the SAS and the UFN's navies encountered heavy losses defeating the Aliens and the JPU, with its larger and better equipped navy, sees a opportunity to conquer the SAS and UFN and to destroy the Riss, which they hate.
      Fear is about to grip the empires and leave the Riss alone to defend themselves..

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