Red Angel
Book II, Raiders

by C.R. Daems

      Anna and her Naval Intelligence Agency, NIA, teammates have a new high-priority assignment: foreign raiders who are wreaking havoc within the United Alliance of Stars. They hit high value targets, have access to inside information, kill the security guards, and leave no witnesses.
      The NIA team soon discovers the raiders' system has been well thought out and has no weak links. The raiders prove arrogant, resourceful, and in no hurry to leave. So when the raiders discover the NIA team assigned to catch them broke the smuggler's organization, their solution's simple--kill them.
      With a Wanted-Dead-Only reward on their heads, the team finds nowhere is safe, even on a war cruiser, and realize the longer it takes to unravel the raiders' complex system of communications, the more the odds favor the raiders succeeding.
      But the team has an ally who might just make the difference--a red angel.
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